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A science based program addressing nutrition, inflammation & hormones for a sustainable lifestyle change, with one on one coaching to ensure you are one of the 90% that succeed in losing an average of 22-35 lbs in 60 days.

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Complete with fasting , general nutrition , informative teaching on hormones and insulin resistance leading to the # 1 reason for weight gain and inability to lose weight with women after the age of 40.

About ME

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

In August 2020 I began my own personal challenge. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. I had read so much about the “reality” of baby weight being a “9-month on and 9-month off” endeavor. I am proud to tell you that I busted the myth of “9 months on – 9 months off”. In 6 short months, with dedication and commitment, I was able to coach myself (not the easiest thing to do) into losing every pound of my baby weight, and more. I am now my physical best! Through my personal journey, I realized that adding a program component that focuses on pregnancy and post-partum wellness management is essential. My own personal testimony, and dedication to helping others is my catalyst to help you!

I spend my time balancing motherhood, coaching, and living a life of wellness. For those of you who choose to embark upon your wellness journey with me, be prepared to do the work; find and sustain your dedication to yourself; and delight in a new, healthy version of you.


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Hear what people have to say who have experienced transformation.

When you eat well, you feel well and when you feel well you finally bring your vision of health and wellness to life.

Create a better wellness plan with Carrie’s Weight and Wellness and let us take the guesswork out of the equation.

When you work with Certified Carrie you are not alone.

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