About Carrie


I am Carrie Ailstock-Wolford and I have dedicated my life to wellness through my company, Carries Weight and Wellness Coaching.

I am a graduate of Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio where I earned my Bachelor of Social Science degree with a major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology.

I am an experienced health and wellness professional; certified in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Detoxification Specialist focusing on holistic health, detoxification, and weight maintenance. I am proud to have contributed to the success of a local, well-known weight loss clinic from its inception as a start-up in 2015 until the latter part of 2020 when the global pandemic took the world by storm. Through years of experience interfacing with people, I found my passion in coaching and helping thousands of people lose weight and sustain their weight loss through specialized, personalized programs in the 6 years I spent with the clinic.

I made the decision to capitalize on my academic achievements and life experiences in health and wellness in the establishment of Carries Weight and Wellness Coaching. My program is focused on a healthy life and has become a unique wellness solution that focuses on lifelong healthy nutrition and fitness. My program specializes in healing and cleansing the body inside and out and restoring the body back to its optimal health.

My focus is not on quick weight loss gimmicks that commonly end in a return of old habits and weight gain.

I believe strongly that nutrition is the solid foundation on which a healthy body is built. I approach wellness as a lifestyle; a way of living life; a non-negotiable shift in thinking, for a lifetime of well-being.

My clients know me for my nutritional insights, health maintenance, and expectations of accountability. My reputable influence and ability to teach and coach clients to be their optimal selves is proven and unwavering.

In August 2020 I began my own personal challenge. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. I had read so much about the “reality” of baby weight being a “9-month on and 9-month off” endeavor. I am proud to tell you that I busted the myth of “9 months on – 9 months off”. In 6 short months, with dedication and commitment, I was able to coach myself (not the easiest thing to do) into losing every pound of my baby weight, and more. I am now my physical best! Through my personal journey, I realized that adding a program component that focuses on pregnancy and post-partum wellness management is essential. My own personal testimony, and dedication to helping others is my catalyst to help you!

I spend my time balancing motherhood, coaching, and living a life of wellness. For those of you who choose to embark upon your wellness journey with me, be prepared to do the work; find and sustain your dedication to yourself; and delight in a new, healthy version of you.