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Certified Carrie Coaches use a science based approach to help our clients lose weight through lifestyle changes. This means no yo-yo dieting, no restrictive dieting, no hunger. Using this approach Certified Carrie’s coaches have helped over 500 clients at a 90% success rate reach their wellness goals and enjoy a healthier life.

The proprietary program we have developed helps support your body with the best supplementation by filling in deficiencies and/or gaps that nutrition alone may not be giving you. When you eat well, you feel well and when you feel well you finally bring your vision of health and wellness to life.

Weight Loss

The Signature Weight loss Metabolic Reset Program

This plan includes 57 days of an anti inflammatory food plan for cellular repair, 28 days of weight stabilizing and 30 days of reintroducing food for a balanced lifestyle. Also includes an additional 8 months of guided monthly maintenance (1x a month weigh ins).

One Round Includes

2 in-person bioscans using Zyto software technology that includes your personalized galvanic skin response and digital signature to make better health and wellness decisions and create a roadmap for your weight loss and wellness for the present and future

All supplements – for the first portion of cleansing

3 primary body composition analysis weigh-ins done in person or virtual and discussions for support

Monthly follow-ups and re-scans for support

Specialist interaction and daily coaching for 4 months straight and as needed through the year

Personal Coach assigned to assist daily


Weight Loss

Flexible Weight Loss

Are you looking for a nutrition plan customized to fit your unique lifestyle? Our personalized, flexible lifestyle program, backed by cutting-edge biometric technology, is the answer you’ve been searching for. It adapts to various lifestyles, whether you’re dining out, traveling, on vacation, or socializing with alcohol, all while supporting your health

Average weight loss on the Flexible Weight Loss program is 10-25 lbs in 8 weeks

Reduced Inflammation: Discover the ideal foods for your body to detoxify, restore balance, and minimize chronic inflammation.

Flexible Weight Loss: Shed 10-25 pounds on avg with our flexible 8 week plan that accommodates social events and travel.

Personalized Program: Collaborate with us to create a customized plan that empowers you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Embrace balanced nutrition, overcome food fears, and achieve lasting results tailored to your unique needs.

Overall Wellness: Experience improvements in gut health, sleep quality, energy levels, natural hormone balance, and stress management.

Weight Loss

Cellular Inflammation

Did You Know You're Not Meant To Gain Weight In Menopause?

Most individuals believe that weight gain is inevitable when they reach menopause and enter the stages after 40. However, what most people don’t realize is that gaining weight during menopause is not a given. There are effective ways to shed those pounds easily and avoid storing excess fat. You don’t have to accept weight gain as an unavoidable part of life at this age, and it’s something that you can deal with successfully.

I’m here to help you understand your body, explain the science behind why you have trouble between ages 50-80, and help you use food to make changes and rebalance your hormones.

"Carrie is the absolute best! She will walk you through every step of this program and provide you with all the support you need. This is a life changing program with proven success to make you a healthier person. I lost over 100 pounds on Carrie’s program in ten months. I embraced the journey and followed her advice which led me to success!"
Ruthie L.
Satisfied Client

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