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Did you know you're not meant to gain weight in menopause?

Most individuals believe that weight gain is inevitable when they reach menopause and enter the stages after 40. However, what most people don’t realize is that gaining weight during menopause is not a given. There are effective ways to shed those pounds easily and avoid storing excess fat. You don’t have to accept weight gain as an unavoidable part of life at this age, and it’s something that you can deal with successfully.

I’m here to help you understand your body, explain the science behind why you have trouble between ages 50-80, and help you use food to make changes and rebalance your hormones.

"I’ve lost 60 lbs with Carrie’s help. She is the angel on my shoulder now when I’m out to dinner ! I couldn’t have sustained the weight loss without her continued knowledge and solutions for making better choices."
Hal D.
Satisfied Client
"Carrie is CONFIDENT in her passion and desire to help not just myself but others around her change for the better. Her thoughtfulness and resourcefulness when it comes to working with my schedule is so needed."
Beth H.
Satisfied Client
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